Monumental Women

JJ Hart
2 min readMar 31, 2022

Of course I am biased but I feel the journey we transgender women go through to live as our authentic selves is epic. Just take a moment and consider the struggles we go through. Such as discrimination in employment, medical care and education just to name a few.

On this Transgender Day of Visibility I have chosen a wonderful friend I had the pleasure of meeting when she first stepped out of the closet into the world.

After I share a couple of her life’s peaks and valleys since then , I hope you understand why I have given her the title of “Monumental Woman.: It wasn’t so long ago I wrote about her and her wife visiting a less than liberal restaurant and essentially getting stared at and gossiped about.

Her name is “Venessa” who you can see above and it is important to note the title really has nothing to do with size.

Similar to so many of us, Venessa struggles with being a large person which she has had to overcome when it comes to going out with her wife and/or kids, What makes the situation worse is she lives in a less than liberal county just east of Cincinnati.

I also need to mention she transitioned on the job in a very male dominated profession of truck driving. So as you can tell Venessa has gone through a lot to claim her very honorary title of “Monumental Woman.”

As with most of us too, I am sure Venessa would say she still has a way to go with her transition. Or better yet, the world does. Until her wife and her can go out and enjoy a fun, peaceful brunch without being stared at.

I hope all of you can follow her lead and become “Monumental Women” in your own right. And thanks to Connie for initially giving me the term.

As far as I am concerned, I am helping to publicize the transgender — cross dresser support group I am part of at the TDOV event in downtown Cincinnati. Maybe some day in my own way I can earn a “Monumental Woman” award.

JJ Hart

Married Transgender veteran author and blogger. I write in the hope of helping others with similar gender dysphoria