Doing the Right Thing

JJ Hart
3 min readNov 24, 2023
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At the most successful restaurant management job I ever had in my life, the company’s main training point was to do the right thing.

Early in my life, I felt dressing as a girl or woman in any way was not doing the right thing. I suffered tons of guilt as I embarked along what turned out to be a long winding gender road. At certain roadblocks I found I needed to do the right thing again and again. Early examples came along when I needed to learn to dress my age and begin to blend in with the world. Often, doing the right thing for my inner feminine self came during the times I was soundly rejected by the public and came home in tears.

Perhaps the next step came around when I needed I had to finally leave my love affair with my mirror and begin to let the public be my mirror. It turned out it was one of the best moves I had made to that point in my journey. The whole process forced me to communicate with the world as a novice transgender woman and prove to myself the path I was on was the right one and it was leading me past the idea I had entertained for years I was simply a weekend, part-time cross dresser. Mainly because I felt so natural when I was living as a trans woman.

Undoubtedly, I was doing the right thing with my life but there were so many challenges ahead. The more gender doors which opened, the more doors were still closed to me. A prime example was until I totally committed to living as a woman, I couldn’t secure my permission to go behind closed gender doors and play in the girls sandbox.

Finally I arrived at the point where I needed to decide if I would subject myself to life changing hormone replacement therapy. After much soul searching and securing a doctor’s approval, I decided to stay on the femininization road I was on and keep going. By doing so I knew I would be giving up what was left of my old male life. All male privileges I fought so hard for were gone and I was still searching for any female privileges which were still to come. The important point is I was still exploring my gender world to make sure I was still doing the right thing. After all, it was a major move.

Perhaps the final chapter of if I really did the right thing won’t happen until my final chapters are written, How will I be treated if or when I have to be admitted to an assisted living situation. And finally will I be mis-gendered when I pass away. My only younger brother as already said he will never refer to me as my new legal name so that is that.

In anyone’s life, doing the right thing is often the most difficult road a person can take. Especially when your life involves being transgender.



JJ Hart

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